The Perfect Fit

July 28, 2023

Written by George Armond

Redecorating can be fun as we fill our minds with myriad ways to re-shape our room. But it can also be stressful.

We want our furniture to look stylish but also fit perfectly in our space.  Here are some tips to ensure your selections offer the perfect fit.

Measuring the space
You might have an idea about the size of the space, but it’s good to get exact measurements. Get accurate measurements, including length, height and width. Measure every wall, and don’t forget the height of the ceilings. This will help give you a clear picture of what you might need when searching for the best furniture.

Have a purpose
Start with an idea of what you want the space to be. Is it a room that will entertain a lot of people, or will it be for small gatherings? It sounds like a small thing, but it’s good to envision exactly what you want the room’s purpose to be. For bigger spaces consider a sectional sofa, which is comfortable and has room to seat several guests.
If you will also use the space to eat, think about a large coffee table (more than 50 inches). It’s good for putting out food and for game night.

For smaller rooms consider a few bigger items (not necessarily smaller pieces). This will allow the space to breathe. Also consider furniture that has multiple uses. Ottomans with square or rectangular shapes can be used as coffee tables. Or consider a round drum coffee table that doubles as a storage bin.

Clear a path
No matter the size of the space, it’s important to provide enough space for people to move easily. Aim to leave one to two feet between the sofa and coffee table and about three feet between other furniture pieces. For smaller rooms rounded chairs or armless slipper chairs help make things easier to move around.

Plan the Layout
Consider where you want each piece to go. Do you need a three-seat sofa and a love seat so guests can watch TV? Think about what the room’s focal point is. It might be a fireplace or window overlooking the yard. Arranging furniture around the focal point will enhance the room’s appeal. No matter the size of the space, the most important thing is choosing furniture that matches your style. Whether it’s contemporary, minimalist, traditional or chic, the room should bring you joy.