Patio Essentials

Tips to make your living space special
March 7, 2023
Home & Garden

A porch, deck or patio is a great space to showcase your style and be an extension of your living area.  The inviting space is a prime spot for relaxation, entertainment, and dining. Decorating your patio can help create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere, whether you’re looking to host a small group for an intimate get together or plan to entertain a big crowd.

Planning and designing your patio decor can create a space that reflects your personal style and augments your outdoor living experience.
When planning that perfect space consider choosing the right furniture, decorative elements and selecting colors that are emblematic of your style.

What is your patio's purpose
Have a distinct idea of what you want the patio to be. What do you envision it will be used for? Relaxing, entertaining, or dining? Having a plan is the first step in designing the perfect porch.

Decide on a theme
Your porch should represent the way you want to feel when enjoying its confines. Do you want a beachy, breezy feel or something more snug and intimate? Making those decisions will help make decor choices easier.

Find furniture for you
Your space should be stylish and comfortable and your furniture will help define the look. Aim for furniture that is durable, and all-weather. Outdoor sofas and chairs can be comfortable and suave looking. Wicker, metal, and teak (strong hardwood) are popular for outdoor furniture. When you cover your furniture, consider polyester and vinyl, which is ideal for waterproofing.

Brighten up your porch with some colorful cushions, rugs, and  pillows. These accessories can brighten up the space and be eye-catching.

Set a foundation
What will be the focus of your porch? Some ideas include a fire pit, a water fountain or a can’t-miss planter. These items are immediate attention-grabers.

Add lighting
Outdoor lighting can add a nice mood to your experience. Try stringing lights or adding a chandelier. Consider tiki torches or paper lanterns.

Include plants
Adding plants to your patio can add a warmth and natural feel to the porch. Tall potted plants or hanging baskets are attention grabbing. Plants that enjoy the outdoors are succulents, herbs, and fan flowers.

Define the space
Use outdoor rugs, planters, or decorative screens to help give your space definition. Outdoor rugs can add color and texture to your patio. Finds rugs that are durable and can be out in the rain. Polypropylene is a most popular rug material, good for humid climates.

Display outdoor art
Consider hanging some outdoor art on the walls of your patio. Choose pieces that showcase your personality or add some of your kids’ favorite and most cherished pieces. Art work is often a good converstation starter.

Install shelves
Try adding shelves to create more storage space. These will be good to store gardening tools or outdoor equipment.

Entertainment ideas
Consider space for a televison if you have company or, if you want the porch to be more a quiet area to gather around and talk and snack, look for the best spots for tables and chairs where everybody can be close by.

Weather-resistant materials
The Lowcountry gets hot and humid and offers plenty of rain. Look for the most weather-ready materials for your porch.

Sweep away
If you want to keep your beautiful patio clean, sweep often — about once a week or as needed. You can hose off the patio after sweeping, as well.
If you are not using the space, put your chair cushions away so they don’t get dirty or stained. You can wash cushions with mild soap and water.

Your porch should be a haven. With a touch of color, charisma and well-planned design, your space will be a place of comfort and joy.