Osprey Village

Empowering Adults with developmental disabilities
March 2, 2023

Osprey Village has tirelessly pursued that goal among its values of “equality, respect and opportunity.”

The mission is firmly on track, 15 years after Osprey Village was founded.

“Our goal is the same,” said Julie Kuhns, director of operations. “We have conducted research, acquired 63 acres of land, developed a land plan and are moving forward with building.”

Ultimately, the “neighborhood with a purpose” off S.C. 170 in Hardeeville will provide offering what is described as “sensory sensitive” independent living for residents with physical and other impairments.

The housing development is “one of the very few homeownership programs in the nation for these adults,” said Kuhns.

Housing is part of Osprey’s multi-faceted program that includes jobs and job training, support for independent living and services for provide families with a beneficial break from caring for adults with developmental disabilities.

Kuhns said Osprey programs have benefitted “hundreds” of adults and their families through advocacy, direct health care service and information and referral.
Osprey Village operates thrift shops in two locations, one in Okatie, and another on Hilton Head Island.

“We live in a community that is quite supportive of individuals with special needs in the areas of vocation and recreation,” said Kuhns. “However, we fall short of addressing the serious risk of homelessness for them.

“It is imperative that the community make the endeavors of Osprey Village a top priority or we will see these people living in the streets here in our Lowcountry.”